Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Narrative Pertaining to Comfortable Shoes Making Me Pleased

It seemed like it had been pouring down rain for two weeks, and I do not even live in Seattle. I was feeling very pessimistic, lonely, and also sad one day, and I couldn’t figure out a remedy. When my mate, Leah, came over, she wished me to consider an internet site which was selling comfortable shoes. I asked her why on earth she thought this would make me happy, and I was hesitant in the beginning. The very last thing I wanted to do was go shopping for shoes on the internet. I wanted to eat cupcakes and listen to melancholy songs in my bedroom. She insisted, though, that I have a look, being the good friend that she is and not needing to give up on me.

My friend is conscious--like all others in my life--that daily, I wear uncomfortable shoes to the office. My boss is actually worried about the dress code at the office. I have to wear dress shoes each day with a pants suit or another type that appears truly professional. I also wear dress shoes that appear to be professional but are seriously uncomfortable. Throughout the day I walk around Midtown a whole lot, and by the end of the day, my feet are killing me.

My pal informed me about this site where I possibly could browse a variety of comfy shoes that would be suitable for the office. I had the thought that all comfy shoes would be horrifyingly unappealing, but once I began shopping, I found that there were several attractive Clarks shoes and Finn Comfort shoes that could also be ideal for my work outfits. I wound up purchasing a set of Clarks shoes, and I had to admit that this did make me happy somewhat.

As it was raining once more today, I thought it was likely to be an undesirable day. Since I did not remember my umbrella, I got actually wet when I was walking around. Simply because my shoes were really acting up and being unpleasant, I felt even more unhappy than normal. Considering that the day was so gloomy, I did not think anything would make me happy. Nonetheless, I observed a package on my doorway as soon as I got home. When I noticed it was my Clarks shoes, I quickly felt better.

The shoes were honestly cute, and they were very easily by far the most comfortable shoes I'd ever worn when I tried them on. They even looked superb with a few of my work outfits. This really brightened up my disappointing day and made me be OK with life. The weather report is guessing sunshine for the rest of the week, too. And now I do know I will have comfy shoes to wear, too, which makes me feel superb, really. Try it yourself and see what I'm saying!

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